Superfly is a virtual reality action game where you play as the superhero of your dreams. Mix and match six unique movement modes to fly through a massive open-world city full of challenges for your movement and combat skills.

Propel yourself across the sky with hand thrusters. Blast enemies with a fiery blaze or lay siege to an area with explosive projectile rockets.
Swing through the city with unbreakable webs. Stick enemies to the terrain, or to each other, and hurl web bombs to lock down an area.
Slide on a persistent trail of ice. Use your trail to create walls and platforms, and launch massive icicles at your foes.
Glide through the air with metallic wings. Slice through enemies or create a barrage of devastating razor sharp feathers to hit multiple targets at once.
Grab and leap across rooftops with extendable claws. Throw debris with superhuman strength or spin up the claws to punch through enemies.
Dash in any direction like a bolt of lightning and dodge attacks. Unleash lightning from your fingertips to electrify your foes.